Marcin Hakiel boasts of his daughter’s talent. What does Helena do?

Marcin Hakiel boasts of his daughter’s talent. What does Helena do?

Marcin Hakiel is an extremely proud father. He showed Helena’s photo and praised her talent. The girl is beautiful and talented.

Parting Kasia Cichopek and Marcin Hakiel rocked show business. The spouses are already divorced and jointly shared custody of their two children: Adam and Helena.

After breaking up with his wife, the dancer became involved with a beautiful blonde Dominica. He doesn’t show her face on social media. If she decides to add their photo together, she does not reveal her image.

Thanks for all comments! We live in a free country, everyone makes their own decisions. My woman decided not to show her face, which doesn’t mean that sometimes I won’t post a photo together. I live by simple rules, it shows the truth, which I deem appropriate to make public – Marcin explained some time ago.

There are reports that Kasia Cichopek appreciates that her children get along with the daughter of Marcin’s new partner.

The actress, despite the stress she has recently experienced because of the ex-wife of her beloved, does not lose hope that the family will calm down and settle down. It is already a positive sign that Marcin’s new girlfriend, Dominika, is in constant contact with Kasia and together they arrange the details of the children’s trips to Krotoszyn. Kasia has the best opinion of her and is sure that this girl also values ​​peace. The most important thing for her is that children like her and she takes care of them tenderly. It is a great value in these times – revealed the informant Rumor.

Marcin Hakiel he also stays out of the media storm surrounding his ex-wife’s new relationship and keeps busy with his job as well as spending a lot of time with his kids. This time he boasted of Helenka’s talent.

Marcin Hakiel praised his daughter’s talent

9-year-old Helenka apparently dreams of following in her parents’ footsteps and becoming involved in show business. It is known that she willingly performs in performances, she has already had her first performances on the stage of the Roma Musical Theatre. She willingly accompanies her mother on the set M like love. She dances at dad’s school. It turns out that he also develops another talent. Proud Marcin Hakiel showed a picture of her daughter playing the piano. You can see that the girl is not only beautiful, but also talented and hardworking.

It seems that another star is growing before our eyes.

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