MARCH: Casemiro considers Manchester United’s offer

The media in Spain and England agree that Manchester United is interested in taking out Casemiro from Real Madrid. Information on this matter has been appearing since yesterday and the player’s will has been the key so far. MARCH says that he thinks strongly about this option.

The operation remains open and there are still many question marks around it as the Brazilian and Real Madrid wonder if this is the best option for both sides. Both sides agree that if a sale occurs, it will be with the full consent of the player and the club. The basis for reflection is, of course, money, and more specifically the huge amounts that Manchester United proposes.

Football Casemiro continues to be a Real Madrid staple for today. He has always been faithful, loyal and has presented himself above average in recent years. Ancelotti wants to keep counting on him, the club is fully open to his stay, the dressing room appreciates him as one of its leaders … but the transfer market is part of football that brings an offer at perhaps the perfect time for all sides to say goodbye. Kr√≥lewscy and Casemiro therefore analyze the situation.

Has Real Madrid already amortized Casemiro’s 6 million transfer from 2014? Without a doubt. Can Casemiro continue to play at the highest level? Without a doubt. Is the offer very good for Real and for Casemiro? Without a doubt. Does the team have a successor to Casemiro in the form of Tchouam√©ni? Without a doubt. Does Casemiro want to leave and Real want to sell him? This is where the debate opens up.

Casemiro did not close the door to leave when he was contacted by Manchester United. Currently, he is analyzing the offer and the opportunities brought by the English. The most important thing for the midfielder is whether the Red Devils can quickly return to the elite. The 30-year-old can see that United is not playing in the Champions League and there is no guarantee when he will come back. Everything is analyzed and the solution is to come quite quickly.

The club will respect the decision of its veteran. The royals also analyze the situation, but the player’s decision will be the basis for anything. The potential sale of Casemiro has some clear positive aspects, but the team would also lose the player who won the European Super Cup football title a week ago and who is the undisputed player of the starting eleven for today.

More teams have contacted Casemiro in recent months, but no option has been as interesting as United. In the case of the Devils, there is an economic aspect, because the potential salary of a 30-year-old in England is to be one that is difficult to refuse. Importantly in this regard, Casemiro develops his businesses and does not just play football. So everyone is waiting for his football and life decision.

The Casemiro contract runs until 2025. According to most media outlets, the midfielder earns around EUR 7-8 million net a year after last year’s contract extension. So far only The Telegraph announced the potential transfer price of the Brazilian, citing an amount of EUR 60 million.

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