Marcelo close to an important decision. He had been preparing for this for years

Marcelo does not agree to the offers of Qatar and Saudi clubs, offering him sky-high money. The Real Madrid legend looks more and more favorably on another option – ending a career.

The most titled footballer in the history of “Kr├│lewski” may soon hang up his shoes on a peg. This idea has been sprouting in the defender’s head for some time, but the last few weeks have only prompted him to make this decision.

The 34-year-old counted on the continuation of the field adventure in Europe. The former Brazilian representative was connected to the ranks of Fenerbah├že, Real Valladolid, Milan, Getafe, Monza and Olympique Lyon. However, neither of the teams mentioned was specific enough in their actions, which resulted in the lack of any advanced talks.

The teams from Asia showed greater commitment, offering the Brazilian big money.

The left-back, however, did not want to steer his career in this way, rejecting the advances of Qatar and Saudi sheikhs.

Marcelo had been preparing for life outside the pitch for years. The 58-time representative of “Canarinhos” has its own clothing brands, in which he also acts as a model. In addition, he is the owner of two football clubs – the Brazilian Azuriz FC and the second-tier Portuguese CD Mafra.

In the longer term, there is also a new job for the beloved Real as an ambassador.

All these activities bring joy to Marcelo and keep him occupied when he is not playing football professionally.

The future of the 34-year-old is therefore very interesting, but he is moving further and further away from football pitches.

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