Manuela Michalak: What happened to the star of the “Big Brother” program?

The “Big Brother” entertainment program was a revolutionary format that immediately won the attention of viewers. Millions of Poles sat in front of televisions to watch the events that took place in the house of “Big Brother”. Fans of the series quickly selected their favorites from among the participants. Some of them were rooting for Manuela Michalak, who captivated them with her way of being and her characteristic laugh.

Michalak was always adventurous and was not afraid of challenges. As she admitted, she did not have to think long about whether she would actually do well in the program.

Manuela managed to pass the qualifying rounds and soon moved to the house of the title “Big Brother”. Viewers followed the fate of the programme’s participants with bated breath. They did not know, however, that participation in it was a heavy burden for the stars of the show.

Michalak confessed that her pride and the will to compete prevented her from quitting the program.

The finale of the first edition of “Big Brother” was a great event. At that time, one third of Poles sat in front of TV screens, waiting for the name of the winner to be mentioned. Despite the fact that, according to many, she was the favorite, it was not Manuela Michalak who won the program. However, she did not leave the set without an award – after the broadcast ended, she enjoyed great popularity for a long time.

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Three months of isolation in the house of “Big Brother” meant that Michalak missed many important events in the life of her relatives. One of them was the death of her beloved aunt, about which she was only informed after returning home. This information was a big blow to her. The star mentioned that if she realized that her aunt was fighting for her life, she could resign from participation in the program.

After the first edition of “Big Brother” was broadcast, Michak was inundated with job offers. Thanks to the gained popularity, she appeared in two films – “Gulczas, and how do you think …” and “Yyyreek !!! Cosmic nomination”. Later, she got a job running the “Smile Marathon” program. After a while, she began to get fewer and fewer offers, and finally disappeared from the screens.

Manuela Michalak puts her heart into everything she undertakes. Perhaps that’s why, after she quit TV, she managed to build a happy life. The former star graduated in psychology and is engaged in commercial activities. It distributes supplements, sells hair extensions and operates in the investment and insurance industry.

In an interview with “Viva” she revealed that the source of her professional success is the right attitude.

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