Manchester United will bid for Asensio?

Marco Asensio’s future is still unclear. His contract with Real Madrid expires at the end of this season, so the Kings are facing perhaps the last chance to cash in on his transfer. In recent days, it has been quiet about the possible move of the 26-year-old, but the portal comes with new information Relevo.

Sergio Santos announces that Manchester United is committed to making an official bid for the Spaniard. It is to amount to over 30 million euros. Interest in the footballer is also shown by other English and Italian clubs, which are ready to bid. It is not clear, however, whether the Kingsmen will definitely want to get rid of him. A week ago, it seemed that Real’s first-team squad was closed, but now Carlo Ancelotti has no more Casemiro, who has just left the team from Old Trafford.

With only a few days left until the transfer window closes, Carlo Ancelotti says he is still counting on Asensio. However, the coach’s recent decisions point to something else. The 26-year-old did not appear on the pitch either against Eintracht or against Almería. In the clash with Celta Vigo only in the 82nd minute, when the result was already established.

It is not known how the Kings will view such an offer. In relation to the national team of the previous season, Real lost players such as Isco, Gareth Bale and Luka Jović from the offensive and at the same time did not gain any offensive player.

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