Manchester United. Cristiano Ronaldo could get a penalty for hitting a fan. Portuguese accused by FA

Cristiano Ronaldo is in trouble. The Manchester United player has been accused of violating the rules of the English Football Association.

The case has been dragging on since April. Ronaldo could not stand nervously after Manchester United’s defeat to Everton. After the game, the footballer hit the hand of a 14-year-old fan who was holding his phone in his direction.

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Ronaldo apologized for his behavior on Instagram, but that was not enough. The mother of the boy who had been injured spoke extensively in the media about the incident. She emphasized that her son had autism and that the incident left him with more marks than bruises on his arm.

The police conducted their investigation and gave the star a warning. The English federation has not yet concluded the proceedings.

Ronaldo was charged with breaking rule E3 of the union regulations. It concerns inappropriate or violent behavior after the game.

– We take note of the FA announcement in connection with Cristiano Ronaldo. We will support the player in his response to the accusation Manchester United reported.

The start of the current season is difficult for Ronaldo. He played in eight Manchester United games, but – unusual in his case – entered the field five times from the bench.

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