Manchester United. Casemiro explained the reason for his departure from Real Madrid. “Money is the last thing I thought about”

Casemiro moved from Real Madrid to Manchester United. The Brazilian representative swears he did not do it for the money.

Casemiro’s farewell ceremony with Real took place on Monday in Madrid. The footballer was very touched during it. We write about it HERE.

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The 30-year-old also met journalists to whom he told about the reasons for the transfer. The Brazilian does not hide that he felt burned out.

– Making such an important decision is always difficult. After the last Champions League final, I spoke to my agent. I told him I felt like my time at Real Madrid was running out. He advised me to go on vacation, but I felt the same when I got back Casemiro said.

According to media reports, the Brazilian midfielder will be earning £ 375,000 a week from Old Trafford. Thanks to such a salary, he will be at the forefront of Manchester United’s payroll. However, he claims that this was not the reason for the club change.

– Some people think I’m leaving for money. They don’t know me. This is the last thing I thought about. I am looking for a new challenge, a new goal. I want to try a new league and country. What I won at Real is now history. Now I have to help Manchester United the Brazilian said.

– I’m going to the biggest club in England. It is true that we will not play in the Champions League this year, but Manchester United can compete with Real in terms of size. I’m looking forward to playing with Cristiano Ronaldo Casemiro concluded.

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