Manchester City is blowing and blowing on Haaland. He sent his physiotherapist to a training camp for the Norwegian national team

Manchester City’s physiotherapist went with Erling Haaland to a training camp for the Norwegian national team. Pep Guardiola explained why this happened.

Haaland has a great entrance to Manchester City. In seven matches of the new team, he scored eleven goals.

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Before the season, there were many voices that the 22-year-old may have problems adapting to the requirements of the Premier League. In particular, his health was feared – Haaland has had to heal himself frequently in recent seasons.

No wonder they puff and blow at their attacker in Manchester. The physiotherapist of the English champions even accompanied him to the training camp of the Norwegian national team.

– It’s not weird at all. Many physiotherapists follow footballers to the world and European championships. I’ve always said that in the club, the physiotherapy department is the most important Guardiola said.

– Erling had health problems in Borussia. He was injured most of the season, he came to us after a minor surgery. He worked with our physiotherapists. Thanks to them, he plays in every game – added the coach of Manchester City.

– Clubs earn money when footballers can play. This happens mainly thanks to physiotherapists. Haaland and Mario Pafundi like each other. That’s why Erling asked him to come with him to Norway Guardiola explained.

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