Maja Ostaszewska without a bra on the beach. “I’m fed up with pretending”

Maja Ostaszewska is not afraid to express her opinion in public. Apart from acting, it is very important in her life to be involved in socially important matters. He often uses his popularity to help others.

During a long weekend Maja Ostaszewska posted a photo on her Instagram profile that is a manifesto against the unequal treatment of men and women. She posed on it without a bikini top.

In the description of the photo, she indicated that with this small gesture she wanted to women had more freedom on Polish beaches and fights “not to sexualize the female body”.

Maja Ostaszewska also wrote that she spends her time abroad on a topless beach and that it does not surprise anyone.

The actress admits that she was inspired to express her opinion on this topic by the TOPFREEDOM.PL campaign. “Creators demand equality to expose the chest wherever half of the population has the right to do so.” – writes Maja.

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