Maghan Markle in the heat of criticism: cuts coupons from “being a princess” [LIST]

As soon as Buckingham Palace issued a health declaration Queen Elizabeth II, her relatives set off to meet her in Scotland. Initially it was reported that Prince Harry arrives at Balmoral Castle with Meghan Markle. However, it turned out that the monarch’s grandson came alone and 1.5 hours after the announcement that Elizabeth II was dead. Meghan Markle remained in London, a royal experts said she had some concerns. “The Sun” reported that King Charles III did not want his daughter-in-law to be in Scotland. From Saturday, Meghan Markle began to appear at her husband’s side, which disliked, inter alia, our reader. She expressed her indignation in a letter sent to the editorial office of the Plejada.

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Below we present the entire letter sent to the editorial office of Plejada.

Meghan Markle did not deserve to accompany the royal family

“I feel sorry for the new king of Great Britain. Charles’s life changed overnight and he lost his beloved mother. In recent days we have seen the royal family in an unusual situation. The Windsors are in mourning and you can see that they are surviving the death of the family’s senior. I had a good impression, but I cannot understand why he agreed that the person who divided his family should have such an honorable place at the celebrations.


Meghan Markle and Countess Sophie on their way to the procession

She first gained popularity through her marriage to Prince Harry, and then led to a split among the Windsor. The prince is not talking to his immediate family now – his brother and father. In addition, he hurt his grieving grandmother. Meghan in the USA slanders her husband’s family and cuts coupons from “being a princess”. I am amazed by the king that he allowed her to follow Elizabeth II’s coffin with Camilla, Kate and Prince Edward’s wife. Probably her place was fixed “in advance”, but looking at it from the side, this careerist just did not deserve to be in such a group.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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