Maffashion no longer hides her relationship with a new man. Picture

Maffashion and Mateusz stopped hiding their acquaintance from the world. The first materials with his friend finally appeared on the man’s profile.

Maffashion a few weeks ago, she announced that she had split up with Sebastian Fabijańskithe father of his child Bastian. From the beginning, it was said that the couple ended the relationship as a result of the actor’s contacts with Rafalala and other women. People associated with the scandal also pointed to the guilt of Julia, who allegedly got into an affair with the camera operator, Mateusz.

I’m sorry to hear that those who know Julia cheated on Sebastian, that she had an affair with the cameraman of the guy who runs the Z dvpy channel, as well as on the recent tapes of the entertainment show. (…) I know about her recent actions and behaviors from various sources. This is a very wrong person. This world is small. This information is intertwined from various sources – Rafalala said in one of the interviews.

Some time later Mateusz’s ex-partner, Isabellapublished a statement also accusing him of entering into a relationship with a fashion blogger.

For a while I wondered if I should write about it at all, but recent events have forced me to share it. Answering your questions: Yes, we broke up with Mateusz and as some of you already suspected from the rumors that circulate on the Internet, the reason for our separation is an affair with Julia Kuczyńska… (…) I don’t know Julia personally, but I have nothing good to say about a person who consciously fucks shoes in my life and fucks them … She broke my relationship and broke her family, because I know that only when her fiancé found out about it did she have the “courage” to part with him. I don’t want to defend him because he probably has his ears behind him too, but despite all the shit spilling over him, he kept it to himself. I am not so good-natured – she wrote.

Maffashion’s new relationship is no longer a secret

Initially Maffashion and Mateusz did not dazzle in the media with their knowledge, which has changed over the last few days. Friends went on vacation to Santorini, and Julia’s alleged partner shared a video with her participation on Instastory.

You can see her in it at the moment when she is sitting on the trunk of the car in which the duo is traveling around the Greek island. On the same day, Bastian’s mother posted other materials on the web, including a photo shoot in nature. You will see photos of Julia and Mateusz in the gallery below the text.

Do you keep your fingers crossed for this pair?

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