Maffashion changed her hairstyle. The star showed up after the metamorphosis

Maffashion decided to undergo another bold metamorphosis. The star went crazy with the hairstyle again. She showed herself to the fans completely changed. What does it look like?

Maffashion he has had an extremely difficult time behind him. Influencerka, after several years of relationship, parted ways with the actor Sebastian Fabijański. The couple had a son, but this did not cement their relationship. Officially, Julia was the first to confirm the breakdown of the relationship. It wasn’t long before her ex-partner decided to give an interview to the river, in which he, among other things, confessed to treason.

Have I started cheating? I certainly had very different thoughts and emotions. I had a lot of different ideas. However, I was not fair to Julka. It is very difficult and even shameful for me that I was not fair and I feel very sorry and ashamed of it. I don’t want to freak out about some lover here, because I’ve never done things like that, I haven’t cheated on my women. Somehow, I just went crazy. I am so sorry for that and here I am publicly apologizing to Julia for the fact that such things were happening. I am not afraid of the truth about myself. I do not want to chew it inside myself – he boldly confessed in an interview with Pudelek.

After these difficult moments, Julia limited her online activities for a few days. To the delight of fans, who kept their fingers crossed for her, she has already returned to regular publications.

Maffashion changed her hairstyle. What does it look like?

Julia loves metamorphosis. Recently, however, she was not too crazy at the hairdresser. The star only trimmed her blonde hair. Shortly after she broke up with her partner, she treated herself to a return to the past. Her hair turned pink – she looked exactly the same before she got involved with the actor. It wasn’t long before she decided to make another spectacular change.

This time, the social media star put on a new length. Julia has attached her hair, now waist-length. She also decided to twist the strands into fancy braids. In our opinion, this hairstyle added even more girly charm to her.

You can see a photo of Julia in her new hairstyle in our gallery. How do you like it?

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