Madonna turns 64. This is how the singer changed

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The singer repeatedly faced rumors that she was visiting a plastic surgeon and denied them virtually every time. In 2012, when asked if she had undergone surgery, she replied: “I am certainly not against her, but absolutely against talking about her.”

Then Madonna was accused of needing butt implants when she gave a surprising New Year’s Eve performance in New York. Constant speculation on this subject forced the star to react. She did it, of course, in her own style, stating, “Desperately seeking anyone’s approval and having the right to full body power like everyone else!”

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Madonna’s youthful appearance, according to one of her trainers – Craig Smith, is the result of hard work. In an interview with the media, he assured that the artist trains six days a week for a minimum of 30 minutes. The 64-year-old does interval training, resistance training, boxing, and finishes her exercises with yoga.

The Queen of Pop has admitted that while her body is jealous, like millions of people around the world, she struggles with doubt and insecurity. – There are days when I am content to look at myself, but at other times … I was not born with the body of Gisele B√ľndchen, unfortunately, so I have to work on myself. But it’s okay, said Entertainment Tonight.

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