Maciej Kurzajewski away from Katarzyna Cichopek, but all in larks. He danced with joy

Maciej Kurzajewski away from Katarzyna Cichopek, but all in larks. He danced with joy

Maciej Kurzajewski is one of the most popular presenters TVP. He commented on many important sporting events, and for some time he became an active athlete himself. On social media, he often publishes posts commemorating his own running struggles. For many years he has been taking part in various types of competitions, with greater and lesser successes. Lately he boasted about a trip to the United Stateswhere a real challenge awaits him. Next Sunday he will start the New York marathon. The presenter shared this happy news on Instagram. He couldn’t contain his emotions.

Maciej Kurzajewski will take part in the New York marathon. He boasted a recording that does not hide his joy

Maciej Kurzajewski has been promoting a healthy lifestyle for years. He actively practices running, which has become his great passion. The TV presenter has been polishing his form for a long time before the weekend competition in New York. The local marathon is well known to him as he has participated in it before. On social media, the journalist shared a recording in which he boasts of his starting number. He did not hide his satisfaction at qualifying for the New York sports event. The ending turned out to be the most interesting videowhen emotions took over and Kurzajewski performed dance happiness.

We know why Maciej Kurzajewski he was so eager to qualify for the New York marathon. It turns out that the organizers first award guaranteed places, and the remaining starting numbers go to the lucky winners drawn in the lottery. Therefore, participation in a sports event is determined by patience, breaking through the bureaucracy and finally a stroke of luck. Congratulations to the journalist and wish him the best result.

More photos of Maciej Kurzajewski can be found in the gallery at the top of the page.

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