Lukashenko is to prepare a “plan B”. Sensational reports about the hideout

Lukashenko is to prepare a “plan B”. Sensational reports about the hideout

Paweł Latuszko, leader of the Belarusian opposition living in Poland and former Belarusian ambassador to Poland, Portugal, France and Spain, spoke about Lukashenka in an interview with He drew attention to the changes in the behavior of the president and his apparent fear for his own safety and that of his immediate family. Easily believes that he may seek a safe asylum and it is possible that China will be one of the directions of his search.

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Belarus has not officially joined the war so far, but Lukashenko has made the territory of the country available to Russian troops, enabling them to concentrate on the border with Ukraine. However, according to Paweł Latuszko, the politician may in fact be afraid of the consequences of his support for Russia and Putin. This is one of the reasons why he turns to China to show that he has a strong ally from another side. The opposition activist added that Lukashenko “was always proud and called the partnership with China strategic.”

Latushko believes that “there may be a potential chance for China to influence Lukashenka in terms of his continued complicity in this war.” In his opinion, this “could end this war.” On the other hand, it is possible that the Belarusian president is primarily concerned with his own security. According to the information from the opposition activist, Lukashenko has recently changed his behavior. She begins to doubt the rightness of the alliance with Russia and fears for the future.

– I got the impression that he first started to think about himself, about his family and what will happen next, what will happen tomorrow. We see its end coming. Ukraine will win, and then there will be an international criminal tribunal. This is the responsibility. He is very afraid of the fate of the former Serbian president, Slobodan Miloszewicz, says Latuszko in an interview with —He may try to talk to China to discuss the situation of his flight to that country. I would not rule it out – he added.


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