Lukashenko is negotiating with other countries. He got off the plane and it started [WIDEO]

Lukashenko is negotiating with other countries. He got off the plane and it started [WIDEO]

In recent days, Alexander Lukashenko has been traveling to other countries. On January 25, he visited the United Arab Emirates and then visited Zimbabwe. Most popular is the video from the moment after landing in Africa at Harare airport.

Various materials are circulating on the Internet, showing how the Belarusian dictator is greeted with cheers and cheers, like a real hero. Lukashenko walks in the company of Zimbabwean President Emmerson Mnangagwa and many bodyguards, while local people wave their hands and flags. In addition, four people performed a special dance for the occasion.

On the other hand, in other films, you can see both heads of state standing under a canopy, or Lukashenko walking with a military escort on a red carpet rolled out on the airport tarmac. In addition, you can see and hear the joyful crowd of Zimbabweans.

According to a communiqué available on the website of the Belta agency, the purpose of the Belarusian president’s visits to the countries of Asia and Africa are meetings on trade and economic cooperation.

Both visits were commented on by political scientist Andrei Kazakiewicz for the Study of Eastern Europe of the University of Warsaw. The expert suggests that the Belarusian authorities count on many investments from the United Arab Emirates in their country.

Zimbabwe, on the other hand, is a long-term partner of our eastern neighbor and there have been numerous diplomatic visits. — The main areas of cooperation are the supply of Belarusian goods, primarily equipment, including agricultural equipment. In addition, the Zimbabwean authorities may be interested in the participation of Belarusian companies or companies associated with Belarus in the development of mineral resources, in particular gold deposits, concludes Kazakiewicz.

Belarus has so far not officially joined the hostilities, but since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it has been making its bases available to Russian soldiers and equipping them with its own equipment.

Source: East European Studies, University of Warsaw, Bielta


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