Lukashenko flew to Putin. “Difficult period” and madness of Europe

On September 25, journalists reported that one of the Belarusian president’s planes left for Russia, but the fact of the trip itself had not been officially announced. Earlier, Lukashenko had announced a business trip, but did not specify its purpose.

– Today I analyzed the tasks we ordered, we have practically no failures. Fall, death was predicted. We have repeated many times: life is diverse, someone needs us, we need someone and we have found partners. And people should be thanked for their understanding. This is a difficult time. People understand, he said Lukashenko during the visit.

– There is a breakthrough and a criterion that shows who is who. We have changed a lot in these three months. We saw that we can live normally. There is no fear. Well, if Europe is crazy, let them think, ‘he added.

The moment of Lukashenka’s arrival at the Bocharov Ruczaj luxury residence in Sochi:

The Ukrainians, who are defending their freedom, and the forcibly “mobilized” Russians who are gradually transported to the front, cannot take a leave. However, these restrictions do not apply to the Kremlin’s head. According to Radio Swoboda, Vladimir Putin went on vacation immediately after the decree was announced on September 21. Most likely he went to a residence in Valdai. Media reports were commented on by his spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

Putin made his last public appearance last week, on Wednesday evening in Veliky Novgorod. Later, he began a break in public activity for at least a week, informs Radio Swoboda.

Commentators noted that Putin did not come to the concert in Moscow on Friday during the campaign to support the so-called referenda in the occupied Ukrainian territories. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Putin was busy. He denied being on vacation.

Source: Ukrainian Truth, Onet

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