Lukas Podolski sharply about the Polish journalist. “Hypocrite, you begged me for an interview”

Lukas Podolski definitely breathed color into Polish football. The footballer bluntly expresses his opinion and often speaks on issues that irritate him. This time, the 37-year-old criticized the journalist Łukasz Wiśniowski.

The 2014 World Champion is called a “simple peasant from Silesia” who articulates his views in an uncompromising manner. These are often controversial.

Podolski is actively involved in social media, taking part in verbal scuffles and provoking other users to discuss. A few days ago, a 37-year-old was his goal he chose the supporters of the Warsaw Legia, who, in the clash with his Górnik, hung a controversial banner on the stadium.

In the 84th minute of this match, the referee awarded a penalty kick in favor of the Warsaw team, which he supported with the VAR analysis. The decision raised many reservations.

“VAR kills football” – wrote Podolski after the match.

The German’s opinions did not necessarily appeal to journalist Łukasz Wiśniowski, who referred to them in the online program “Mission Futbol”.

– I would stop pretending that what Lukas Podolski has to say has any meaning. He is an excellent footballer, let’s give him what he is, he is the world champion, but his thoughts on football are something that I do not buy at all – said the popular “Cherry”.

– On the one hand, we say that VAR kills football, on the other hand, we talk about the matches of our teams in European cups and we say: if there was VAR, we would already have Crayfish in the European Conference League. Lukas Podolski talks sometimes to keep talking.

As you can guess, the forward of Górnik Zabrze did not remain deaf to the journalist’s accusations. He published his retort on Twitter.

“Hypocrite, you invited me to the program, although I say a lot, because I say what I feel as a footballer who experienced” something out there “and played” somewhere “. You begged for an interview just for the sake of honesty, because it would be nice to have a foot truck click, ”wrote“ Poldi ”.

Summoned to the blackboard, Wiśniowski replied.

“We set up this interview through the spokesman, Łukasz. You have to give the account to the admin.

The last word, of course, belonged to the former footballer of Arsenal and Bayern Munich, among others. A 130-time representative of our western neighbors cut short the discussion by referring to the events from the previous World Cup, which was unsuccessful for Poland, after which the creator of “Foot Truck” stopped shooting vlogs on the “Łączy nas Ball” channel.

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