Luis Enrique’s decision changed Asensio’s plans?

Marco Asensio will be a Real Madrid player until at least January. The Balearic player waited tensely throughout his summer window whether he would eventually leave the club or not, but ultimately ended up staying to try to fulfill his final year with the Madrid side. Everything could change in the spring, however.

As reported by Antón Meana z Cadena SERMarco Asensio was initially due to leave Real Madrid shortly before the summer began. Concerns about his playing time were crucial as this is the mid-season season of the World Cup, so club-level performances are essential for the national team coaches to have a basis to refer to when sending invitations.

However, it was the June international break that changed all these plans. Mallorca’s pupil was appointed by Luis Enrique, which surprised many, including Asensio himself. The player missed Real Madrid minutes, but the manager had full confidence in him nonetheless, and eventually earned his place in the national team during this break.

The reality is that this calling has radically changed the way he views things. His main concern was to play in the World Cup with Spain, but Asensio realized he didn’t need to be an undisputed starter for Real Madrid to play at the 2022 Qatar World Cup, so the need to leave Real Madrid was completely dispelled.

As if that were not enough, Asensio has once again been called up to the Spanish national team for the break starting today, which will be the last one before the World Cup.

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