“Love sanatorium”: A romantic evening in the jacuzzi? She still has a chance

“Love sanatorium”: A romantic evening in the jacuzzi? She still has a chance

In “Love Sanatorium” in the morning, the patients talked in their rooms about various topics. Józef and Zbyszek bet on physical activity, and the ladies talked m. about clothes. Marta Manowska, the host, knocked on Joanna and Bożena’s room. The journalist gave them fantastic news; the title of the patient of the episode went to Asia, who did not hide her joy.

Her roommate also went on a romantic date! Adam invited her for a relaxing bath. During the procedure, however, the woman did not quite like the behavior of her companion.

In turn, Józef and Ewa went on a date to the jacuzzi. At the beginning, the bather gave Eve a bouquet of red roses. However, his companion directly said that at this stage of the relationship she did not want to spend time with him “in the water”.

Józek suggested a different solution; wine conversation. A smile often appeared on Ewa’s face during the meeting.

Józef was a guest of Marta Manowska – during a private conversation, the host of the show asked what her interlocutor felt about Ewa. Then the hero told a bit more about himself and his past. At the end, he admitted that he would like to meet a “soul mate” during the stay.

Zdzisław and the patient of the episode – Asia – had the opportunity to talk about various topics during the date.

“He’s interesting (…). You can talk to him about interesting topics, so I don’t get bored with him,” Joanna confessed in front of the cameras.

“I see great potential in her. And I like her as a woman” – said Zdzisław.

After the dates, the whole group left the sanatorium – straight to the historic castle! There, at the beginning, she took part in musical puns, as well as in horse-drawn carriage rides in pairs: the competition was won by Krzysztof and Iwona. Then the patients found out that they would spend the night in this place. Plus, they had the option to change roommates! Józef and Zdzisław stayed together in the room, and Anita approached Dariusz’s proposal quite conservatively – she decided that she wanted to spend this time with Krzysztof! Ultimately, however, she decided to have peace with Bożena.

Zdzisław offered to share Ula’s room, but his friend chose a room with Asia. Finally, the ladies and gentlemen spent the first night outside the spa, dividing them into “ladies’ and “men’s” rooms. However, there were also “night wanderings”, which were recorded by cameras… What will the next episode bring? Viewers will find out by watching the 6th episode of “The Sanatorium of Love” – ​​broadcast on Sunday, February 5 at 21:20 on TVP 1.

Author: Sabina Obajtek

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