“Love Island”. Natalia lived in a triangle? Her words shocked the audience

In program “Love Island. Island of Love” there are many beautiful participants. One of them is Natalia, 23 years old and comes from Ełk. The girl can boast of several titles won in beauty contests. Modeling is her greatest passion, for which she quit her professional career. Natalia often poses for photos, and she shares the effects of professional photo sessions on Instagram. Currently pairs with Daniel and recently she told a little more about herself in a conversation.

“Love Island. Natalia has an interesting past

On the official program profile “Love Island. Island of Love” we can read that Natalia is looking for a loyal guy who will be her support. Her type is a tall, dark-haired, brown-eyed man with a sense of humor. Daniel seems to be the perfect match for her because she meets all the conditions. In the 14th episode of the sixth season of the program Natalia and Daniel they went out on a date at the beach. The girl confessed the truth about her previous two-year relationship.

It was a very strange relationship. I do not know how people in Poland would be like this. It wasn’t a traditional relationship. The guy was ten years older than me, but it wasn’t just him that was there, ‘announced Natalia.

So it was a union of three people? Daniel asked.

Hell knows what it was. There was no feeling on my part for this girl. (…) This guy was so dizzy. (…) With these two people I got to know many things for the first time. He was a great lesson for me. I know now what I would not want in my life – emphasized the girl.

“Love Island.” The comments were overwhelming

Natalia told about her previous relationship very frankly. Viewers were surprised by the girl’s confession. On the program’s Instagram profile “Love Island. Island of Love” There were a lot of comments and speculations related to the participant’s statement.

I don’t know if I understood correctly that Natalia lived in a triangle?

I was a bit rejected by her story. To be in such a relationship for two years … Such behavior is already in the blood, for me it is already completely broken.

Thanks, Natalia, for the confession, this way the spell is broken.

Although the girl’s confession shocked Daniel himself, he decided to give her a chance and get to know her better. In the last episode, their relationship was put to the test. The girl went to Casa Amor, where new singles were waiting for the participants. Natalia will spend a few days in the new villa and will finally be able to decide whether she chooses a new partner or stays together with Daniel.

Subsequent episodes of the program “Love Island. Island of Love” can be watched from Monday to Friday and on Sunday, Fr. hour 10:10 pm in Polsat.

More photos of Natalia can be found in the gallery at the top of the page.

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