Lou (2022) – review and opinion about the film [Netflix]. For help

For some time now, Netflix can boast a quite interesting list of new products aimed at the platform in individual months – at least a few productions really deserve attention. After Sandman in August, in September, “Blonde”, “Broad Peak”, “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” and a miniseries focusing on the life of Jeffrey Dahmer will be joined by a Paramount Pictures thriller with Oscar-winning Allison Janney. Don’t be fooled by the fact that JJ Ambrams himself was among the producers, because we could discuss “Lou” as one of the best proposals for an autumn evening. Feel free to review the movie.

The genre of action movies or action thrillers is dominated by stories focusing on male heroes – some time ago, akcyjniaki focused on this “one man army”, a tired ex-agent / soldier / policeman (just delete unnecessary), who became before a demanding challenge and has to take up arms again to save his loved ones, the weaker ones. This month, Netflix is ​​making its contribution to this large collection of “Taken”, “Man on Fire” and “Protector” and introducing some significant change in the form of the main character – or rather the heroine – presents “Lou”.

Lou (2022) – movie review [Netflix]. Hard art

Lou (2022) - review and opinion about the film [Netflix].  Hannah with her daughter

Lou lives on Orcas Island off the coast of Washington with his canine friend Jax. At first glance, the woman seems to be an extremely tough and unpleasant old lady whose life has taken its toll. Although it might seem that despite the passage of years, her fortitude is not leaving her – this “lady” does not part with the gun, cowboy hat and her four-legged friend – the truth is quite different. On one extremely unpleasant night, Lou wants to fulfill his plan when a huge storm and downpour strike the area and completely cut off the island from the rest of the world. When she puts the barrel to her head, a shaken Hannah, a girl who rents a trailer from her together with her little daughter, bursts into her house. It turns out that Vee was kidnapped by her father, who was long dead. Mindful of the nervous ending of the relationship and her partner’s abusive practices, Hannah says she is in great danger. This one situation pushes Lou out of her lethargy and rushes to save her.

This is how the over 100-minute game of cat and mouse begins, in which it could not be more monotonous and abstract. For unknown reasons (because we get to know them later), the main character decides to help her neighbor and sets off in pursuit of her ex. The task will not be easy, because two women will have to deal with a soldier of the American special forces, Green Berets, who during his foreign career committed many evil deeds. Lou seems unperturbed by all these tales, however, reaches for several types of weapons, a well-packed backpack and slowly tracks down his attacker. This grandmother also has her ears, as we find out during the screening.

Lou (2022) – movie review [Netflix]. For the persistent

Lou (2022) - review and opinion about the film [Netflix].  The main character

Initially, we do not learn much about the title character of the reviewed “Lou”. In the first part, Maggie Cohn and Jack Stanley, the authors of the script, do not even try to make a more sophisticated way than just during a conversation between women, to more precisely outline the character of Lou, her experiences and experiences that made her decide to live in total solitude. , to separate yourself from the rest of the people and spend day after day with your dog. While the past seems to have left a huge mark on her life today, it has taught her one thing too – to cope with even the most uncomfortable situations. What can I say, Lou is a killing machine that makes Hannah in a yellow raincoat look like a “Little Yellow Riding Hood”. Over time, the idea of ​​showing the heroine seems a bit better (a little bit!), But I still get the feeling that the Netflix writers treat their characters very negligently, and Philip (ex-Hannah) is just as unbalanced as idiotic.

At the same time, we should have no objections to the work of Allison Janney, the creation of which may be a bit astonishing, but above all, it shows her acting skills – the styling resembling the presentation of Clint Eastwood’s best characters adds more character to the actress. Janney not only does a great job in comedy productions, but in the reviewed “Lou” she seems to be at the same time as tired as she is determined to act and confront a soldier. Experienced with life, she predicts perfectly, she is very cynical, does not speak too much, but she copes well in the worst situations – the artist is very good at fighting scenes, and any weaknesses it makes up for with the equipment used. You would like the production to have more shots like this. Unfortunately, Cohn and Stanley first force women to fight the element in a long sequence, which the closer to the finale, the more boring, although it provides a very effective visual experience.

After a dozen or so minutes of the reviewed “Lou”, we can guess what the ending of this story will be. Unfortunately, however, the creators tried to make a pointless turn, which instead of adding even more action to this production, drawing handfuls from the 80s or 90s, weave a more melodramatic thread than a tooth matching the proposal, which seemed to be some kind of representative road movie. Director Anna Foerster passed the test by offering her vision of a thriller, but this one did not convince me too much – first of all, I have the most objections to a script that is devoid of greater depth and sense. Oh, it’s a very generic production, in which, for a change, we have the main character capable of kicking the asses of many bad guys – Paramount Pictures seems to have realized the perfect project for the streaming platform, but this idea does not appeal to me.

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