Loan overpayment. Poles repaid a record PLN 25 billion in six months

As HRE Investments analysts indicate, over the years, overpayment has been a rarely used solution. For a long time, interest rates in Poland were historically low, so the interest on loans was also small. This changed along with the rate hikes at the NBP.

Almost PLN 25 billion is the value of overpaid Polish zloty housing loans in the first half of this year. This is probably the highest result ever – it follows from the HRE analyzes. In 2015-2020, overpayments were PLN 5-11 billion per year.

According to analysts The breakthrough in terms of funds allocated for loan overpayment was 2021. At that time, the amount earmarked for early repayments and overpayments of housing loans exceeded PLN 23 billion.

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