LM handball players: Vive Industria Kielce on the top. Four points won.

The importance of this duel for both teams is evidenced by the pre-match opinions from Kielce and Aalborg. Stefan Madsen, the coach of Denmark’s runners-up, asked before the match about Łomża Industria, had no doubts: – We will face the top rival. Kielce is very strong. A very hard fight awaits us.

Krzysztof Lijewski spoke in a similar vein: – The Danes aim high this season. Our rivals will not be the favorites of this skirmish. To win, we have to present ourselves perfectly defensively and score as many goals as possible from counter-attacks – argued the second Kielce coach.

The players themselves also had common observations. On the other hand, Artsem Karalek, the revolving Łomża of India, said specifically: – This will be a four-point match – analyzed the Belarusian revolving Kielce. In response from the Danish camp, the opinion of Aaron Palmarsson was heard: – The point rate will be double – said the Icelandic for the club side.

It started very nervously. The players of both teams tried various tricks, but they threw the ball either next to the goal, or the goalkeepers were great. How strange this beginning was can be seen from the fact that for the first time the ball fluttered in the net (Aalborg) only in the 5th minute after Karalek’s throw from 30 m.

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