Linda Evangelista: The failed procedure disfigured her face. How does it look now?

Linda Evangelista became famous again when, after years of media non-existence, she decided to explain to fans why she unexpectedly disappeared from the catwalks. One of the most famous top models of the 90s in 2015 withdrew from the industry, in which it had been very successful for several decades. All because of an unsuccessful cosmetic procedure that disfigured her face and body. Evangelista underwent cryolipolysis – a popular procedure involving freezing out adipose tissue. In the model, this procedure, advertised as “non-invasive and completely safe”, had the opposite effect, causing uncontrolled growth of said tissue. The star revealed last year that her body had been “permanently deformed and brutally disfigured” after doing several CoolSculpting sessions.

Evangelista has sued Zeltiq Aesthetics, which sells and licenses cryolipolysis devices, demanding $ 50 million in damages. In July, the model announced that she had entered into a settlement with the company without disclosing its details. “I look forward to the next chapter in my life, which I will enter alongside my friends and family. I am happy to leave this matter behind me. I am extremely grateful to those who have shown me support,” she confessed in a post on Instagram. In an interview for People, she said that she shared her traumatic story to “help people who found themselves in such a situation get rid of their shame”.

The industry quickly reclaimed one of its greatest legends. Evangelista recently appeared in an advertising campaign for the Fendi brand, which was carried out to celebrate the 25th birthday of the iconic baguette bag. Her return to the world of fashion was sealed with the cover of the September issue of British “Vogue”. “The rebirth of the indomitable Linda Evangelista” proudly announces the magazine. In an interview for the magazine, the model talked about the difficult road to self-acceptance. As she emphasized, she is trying to learn to love herself as she is. “Has my psyche been healed? Absolutely not. But I am grateful for the enormous amount of support I have received. I miss my job so much. But what can I do? It will not be an easy path. You will definitely not see me in a bathing suit” – the model revealed .

Evangelista also revealed that she still has not regained her former beauty, and that the dazzling photo session is the result of strong retouching and make-up tricks. “My neck and jawline don’t really look like that,” she confessed. The editors of “Vogue” explained in the text that make-up artist Pat McGrath had to cover the model’s face with special tapes in order to model her jaw line and cover the still visible traces of deformation after an unsuccessful procedure. “I know that it will be difficult for me to find a job in my current state – without retouching, pushing into things, sticking to sensitive places, cheating. But this type of photo shoot is rooted in the world of dreams. We create a kind of fantasy here, so I think this illusion is allowed “- added Evangelista.

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