Lightning hit a woman on a beach in Croatia. He fights for his life

The British woman, along with her 19-year-old daughter, was on a beach in Split when black clouds approached.

One moment they were all sunbathing happily on the beach, and the next the sky turned black as night and broke overhead. a powerful storm – the waitress from a nearby bar described the situation.

According to the Daily Mail, lightning hit the woman in the head, and a huge charge of energy passed through her body, channeled through the necklace she was wearing.

She was saved thanks to the quick action of a doctor who was nearby due to a bicycle accident just a few meters away during a triathlon. Currently, the British woman is in a serious condition in the hospital intensive care unit.

– The woman is in a medical coma and we are constantly monitoring her – Prof. Sandra Stojanovic Stipic from the hospital in Split, where the 48-year-old is treated.

“Due to the lightning strike, her heart stopped and she suffered asystole, but fortunately for her, paramedics were there very quickly and managed to restart her heart and restore her breathing,” the doctor said. She stressed that the British woman was very lucky.

– At the moment, it is ventilated, and in the next few days we will conduct an MRI scan to check the condition of her brain and whether there has been any neurological damage – said Prof. Stipic.

The doctor noted that in Split they had not had such a case yet. – I hope she will recover, but for now her condition is very serious – she emphasized.

Daily Mail points out there’s a chance to be hit by lightningis estimated at one in a million, but it happens to around 240,000. times a year, and an average of approx. 24 thousand. people are killed as a result of being hit.

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