Lies of P looks great. A dark adaptation of the novel Pinocchio Sparkles in Cologne

Dark and demanding productions could not be missing at Opening Night Live, and Lies of P should delight many players who have been waiting for years for the return of the Bloodborne brand. The latest trailer from the game confirms that you have to remember about this production.

Lies of P was announced in May 2021 and since then we have been waiting for more material from the game. The creators do not rush to excessive promotion, but as you can see, they use the event in Cologne to effectively remind about their proposal.

It is soulslike developed by Round8 Studio (Bless Unleashed) and the developers will allow players to play as Pinocchio – but it will not be an ordinary wooden doll from Carl Collodi’s novel, because in this adventure it is a mechanical hero who wants to find Geppetto at any cost. The problem of the characters, however, is the reality, because Pinocchio will go to a world overloaded with beasts.

From the first announcement, Lies of P is distinguished by a brilliant atmosphere and the latest material confirms one thing – the title should be of particular interest to Bloodborne fans and all players who want another challenging clash with terrifying beasts.

Lies of P at Opening Night Live

The game will debut in Xbox Game Pass.

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