Lidl made an important decision regarding sugar! What about its prices?

The faster sugar disappeared, the faster its prices in stores rose. Do you remember how the wave of sugar madness that started in July swept across Poland? Retail chains, like the communist authorities in the past, even introduced sugar rationing.

Let us remind you that the first supermarket that started distributing goods to Poles (10 kilograms “per receipt”) was Biedronka. Competitive networks followed suit.

Craze in shops and battles for sugar !? Then see what is happening now

Has the situation calmed down? Unlimited sugar can be purchased at Biedronka. As we wrote, Carrefour and Stokrotka also moved away from the restrictions.

What about Lidl? “Fact” asked this network if it was deviating from the sugar limit. We deliver the answer.

On Wednesday, September 14, the Lidl network replied to “Fakt”, which continued with the sugar purchase limit.

We have lifted the limits on the sale of sugar. Currently, white sugar is offered in our stores at a price of PLN 4.99 / 1 kg – says Aleksandra Robaszkiewicz, spokeswoman for Lidl Polska.

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