Leszek Czarnecki, the founder of Getin Noble Bank, issued a statement

I refused to pay the rulers a bribe, and they punished me in all possible ways – Leszek Czarnecki wrote in his statement, referring to the forced restructuring of Getin Noble Bank. The businessman stated that “Zdzisław’s plan was implemented and the bank was taken over.” He added that he had to struggle with the state alone, and in today’s Poland “there is no room for big business that is not related to the ruling party or does not have the support of a strong country”.

The Bank Guarantee Fund (BFG) announced on Friday that started the forced restructuring of Getin Noble Bank SA Its activities will be transferred to the joint BFG bank and the Commercial Bank Protection System, established by eight commercial banks.

Restructuring of Getin Noble Bank. Leszek Czarnecki recalls “Zdzisław’s plan”

Regarding the forced restructuring of the bank, the statement was issued by Leszek Czarnecki, founder and main shareholder of GNB. Among other things, he mentions the so-called KNF scandal.

“Exactly 4 years ago, I was invited to a meeting with the head of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, Mr. Marek Chrzanowski. At the beginning, he turned on the devices intended to drown out our conversation and, openly, suggested that I hire his lawyer friend, who was to guarantee good relations between my banks and the Polish Financial Supervision Authority. Mr. Chrzanowski specified 1% of the bank’s value, which at that time amounted to about PLN 40 million, “we read in Czarnecki’s statement.

The businessman recalls that Marek Chrzanowski also presented him with an alternative “in the absence of such care”. “It was the plan to take over Getin Noble Bank for PLN 1. He called this plan ‘Zdzisław’s plan’, because it was to be proposed by the then head of the Bank Guarantee Fund, Mr. Zdzisław Sokal. After the meeting, for credibility, Mr. Marek Chrzanowski took me to a meeting with the head of the NBP, Adam Glapiński, who said that he was glad that we had reached an agreement. Despite this statement, I did not make any arrangements, and I never contacted the lawyer indicated, “wrote Czarnecki.

He then added that after two months he noticed that the KNF was starting to be “more and more aggressive” towards his banks. “As you know, the banking business cannot function without normal, friendly cooperation with the supervisor. Especially in crisis situations. Seeing that the threat of lack of cooperation from the PFSA is slowly beginning to be implemented, I submitted a notification of a corruption offense, to which I added an interview with Marek Chrzanowski, which I was able to record during the aforementioned meeting. I thought that this would lead to the cleaning of this office of corrupt practices, “Czarnecki wrote in a statement.

He added that “the day after the notification, the club PIS He quickly pushed through the bill facilitating bank acquisitions. “” The applicant for this law was the head of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority, who at a meeting with one of my bank’s management board members said that he stopped liking me because I had recorded his conversation. Only the disclosure of this recording by Gazeta Wyborcza led to public outcry and the dismissal of Marek Chrzanowski. The prosecutor’s office charged him, but after two months (in line with the public announcement of the NBP president) he was released from arrest and since then the case has been frozen, “we read.

“At that time, I submitted a second notification to Zdzisław Sokal for an attempt to take over my bank. To this day, it has not been recognized. However, another operation was carried out against me, consisting in a false accusation and an attempted arrest. The court decided that the charges were not even substantiated and the motion for arrest was dismissed. However, it was an opportunity for a huge wave of slandering me in the public media “- wrote Czarnecki.

“I refused to pay a bribe and they punished me”

As the businessman stated, “today ‘Zdzisław’s plan’ has been implemented and the bank has been taken over.” “Lack of cooperation with the KNF affects the bank’s relations with other entities, including auditors. Everyone on this market cares about cooperation with the supervisor, because without it it is impossible to function. After four years, the threat of the head of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority came true. I refused to pay bribes to the rulers. and they punished me in all possible ways “- added Czarnecki.

“I am Polish, I have only Polish citizenship and there is no embassy of any country behind me. I have to struggle with my country alone. In today’s Poland there is no room for big business that is not related to the ruling party or does not have the support of a strong country. itself, in this respect, similar to HungarianBelarus and Russia“- he said in a statement.

Czarnecki also referred to the current state of the Polish economy. “Escape of investors, collapse zloty exchange rate or raging inflation these are all consequences of approaching the economy as the spoils of the rulers. I paid a huge price for not accepting the role of such loot. But I do not regret it “- he emphasized.

“If I had to re-decide on a corruption proposal, I would do the same. Because corruption is the most destructive factor for the state and the economy. It must never be accepted. Even at the cost of a single fight with corrupt officials and politicians,” the businessman concluded.


Main photo source: Jakub Kamiński / PAP

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