Leon wouldn’t help the squad anyway? “It’s not like we snap our fingers”

– I wasn’t really interested in this topic. For me, it was unlikely that he would play at the World Cup – says Pliński when we ask him about Leon’s case. – It’s not like we snap our fingers and the form will come. He was after surgery, he had a few “thicker” weeks of disconnection with the retina. It’s not like going out on the pitch and playing unbelievable matches.

Marcin Janusz: We train so that the form is ready for the world championships. VIDEO (Polsat Sport)/Polsat Sport/Polsat Sport

“This team has such potential that it should bring back a medal from every tournament”

Despite the lack of a host born in Cuba The “white-and-reds” remain one of the favorites of the World Cup. Although the team took a new coach before this season, and several experienced players left the team, the Nations League again managed to take a place in the forefront and finish the tournament in third place.

– We played well. We won a medal, we missed one match – the semi-final. This team has the potential to bring back a medal from every tournament. Whether it will be gold, silver or bronze at the World Cup, each puck will be a success and must be appreciated – believes the former center of the Polish national team.

Pliński has two medals won with senior staff to his credit. In 2006, he was an important part of the team under the leadership Raula Lozano won the silver of the World Championships. Three years later, when he was a coach Daniel Castellani, Pliński helped to win the European Championship. Now he points out two important elements without which it can be difficult to achieve success at the World Cup.

– The competition promises to be very interesting, because several teams are very strong. We have a good team, of course no Leon, but the rest of the players are healthy. And that’s probably the most important thing. Let’s hope that health and sports happiness will be good, because you also have to have a little bit of it – emphasizes Pliński, who is currently the coach of PSG Stali Nysa. In July, he also led the Polish team under 22 to bronze at the European Championships.

Daniel Pliński: Marcin Janusz defends himself with the game

The absence of Leon from the team has been the most talked about lately. However, when Grbić announced the first appointments, the lack of attention was most noteworthy Fabian Drzyzgi. Two-time world champion u Vital Heynen he was by far number one in the game. This season he is playing this role Marcin Janusz.

After the matches in the League of Nations, Pliński is full of appreciation for the attitude of the volleyball player born in Nowy Sącz. – He absolutely carries the weight that is on his shoulders. He played very well in the League of Nations. Each coach has his own team concept. Coach Grbić decided that Marcin Janusz will be the first setter and this must be respected. And the player shows that it is a good choice. He defends himself with the game – claims the European champion from 2009.

Janusz has a great credit of trust with Grbic. His replacement is experienced Grzegorz Łomaczwhich, however, comes mostly in short, double shifts with the attacker. It is Janusz who will be responsible for the game during the World Cup.

– He’s a very smart guy. I think that he will play even better with each match, he will grow in strength. And he will gain self-confidence, which is crucial on the pitch. At Marcin’s place it was visible with each subsequent match – emphasizes Pliński.

The Polish national team will play their first match at the Wagner Memorial today at 20. Broadcast in Polsat Sport and Polsat Box Go, text coverage in Interia.

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