Leo Messi will return to FC Barcelona? It has two other options. “Deep wounds must heal”

Leo Messi’s decision on the future is awaiting. “Sport” claims that the famous Argentinean has three choices.

Messi said goodbye to Barcelona in the summer of 2021 after the club was unable to renew his contract. The Argentine decided to move to PSG.

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Much has been said for several weeks about Messi’s possible return to Camp Nou. Emotions around this topic were sparked by Joan Laporta, who said that he felt a debt of gratitude to the 35-year-old. In his opinion, the footballer should be able to end his career in Barcelona.

Laporta dreams of an emotional farewell to the best footballer in history. At the same time, he would like to erase the sad and painful images of August 2021. For Messi’s return to become a reality, however, the deep wounds that were just over a year ago must heal first – writes “Sport”.

For now, Messi does not disclose his intentions. “Sport” expects the Argentinian to soon receive an offer of a new contract with PSG. The contract would be valid for another year, include an option to extend it for another season and guarantee the player a salary of EUR 30 million.

– Messi doesn’t want to make any decisions until the World Cup. He has three options on the table: returning to Barcelona, ​​playing PSG or an American adventure. It is possible that an even more exotic proposition will appear – claims “Sport”.

Messi started this season very well. In thirteen games for PSG, he scored eight goals and eight assists.