Kurds protest after tragic shooting. Fire and clashes in the streets of Paris [NAGRANIA]

Kurds protest after tragic shooting.  Fire and clashes in the streets of Paris [NAGRANIA]

Kurds protest after tragic shooting. Fire and clashes in the streets of Paris [NAGRANIA]

On Friday shortly before noon, the 69-year-old the man opened fire on people in the street in the 10th arrondissement of Paris near the Kurdish Cultural Center. A woman and two men were killed and three others were injured. During the interrogation, the perpetrator admitted that he committed the crime because he is “racist”.

The first protests took place on Friday evening. Various objects, including bottles and stones, were thrown at the police. The officers had to use tear gas.

On Saturday at noon, another demonstration took place in Place de la République in Paris, this time called by the Kurdish Democratic Council, which brings together twenty-four associations of the Kurdish diaspora throughout France.

“Chaos in the center of Paris, cars overturned and set on fire in the streets. Clashes continue,” tweeted Remy Buisine, a journalist for the French website Brut.

“What we feel is pain and misunderstanding because this is not the first time this has happened,” Esra, a 23-year-old student, told Le Figao.

During the protest, the memory of the victims and “all Kurds who died for freedom” was observed with a minute’s silence. The demonstration was attended by former Culture Minister Jack Lang along with several local government officials.

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According to witnesses to the incident, the perpetrator pulled a pistol from a small bag and started shooting indiscriminately. Bullets hit a Kurdish community center, a restaurant and a hairdresser, local authorities said.

French media reported that the man was known to law enforcement. In December 2021, he was already detained after he attacked migrants in their camp in Paris with a saber. According to BFMTV, he seriously injured one person and shouted racial slurs at foreigners during the attack.

The criminal case in connection with that attack is still pending. However, the 69-year-old was paroled several days ago, because according to French law for this type of crime, the period of pre-trial detention cannot exceed one year. At the same time, he was subjected to a judicial review, assuming, among other things, revoking his firearms license, reports BFMTV.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said the 69-year-old was not on the file of the intelligence services and was not marked as an extremist. He added that the pensioner was a member of a sports shooting club and therefore owned numerous firearms.

Source:, Reuters, PAP

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