Kucharski strikes again! He predicts huge trouble for Lewandowski

Kucharski strikes again! He predicts huge trouble for Lewandowski

“There is no perfect intrigue … even if it is planned, it will employ an army of people … obliging prosecutors, media that can manipulate public opinion, etc. The day will come when Lewandowski will explain himself from ” – this is the content of a post posted on Twitter by Cezary Kucharski.

The tweet refers to the recording that was made public in fall 2020 and was a media “bomb”. It is one of the main evidence in the case in which Kucharski acts as the accused. He was charged with making unlawful threats at the address Robert Lewandowski.

Prosecutors allege that the ex-agent committed blackmail, demanding from “Lewy” 20 million euros in exchange for not revealing it alleged tax fraud.

Recording of the conversation between Lewandowski and Kucharski. “So now you’re threatening me, right?” Video/ /INTERIA.TV

A key recording without “marks of authenticity”? Kucharski sheds new light on the matter

Cook from the very beginning has consistently questioned its authenticity interview published in the media. He claimed that it was interfered with in order to put him in a bad light. He explained it thoroughly in an interview with Interia. You will find the whole conversation HERE.

It now sheds new light on the matterposting a document on the web that – presumably – is supposed to be professional phonoscopic expertise.

We read in it, among other things, that “all fragments were interfered with [nagrania] by editing, cutting, shortening, depriving the string of an acoustic event, and possibly also combining fragments to obtain a longer recording, which also deprives these files of the signs of authenticity.

Quoted opinion sounds intriguing to say the least. Will Lewandowski’s attorneys respond to it in the near future? This question remains so far no answer.

Kucharski vs Lewandowski. Call recordings leaked./ /INTERIA.TV/ /INTERIA.TV

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