Kucharski on Lewandowski’s transfer to FC Barcelona. “It will not be easy for him to meet his expectations”

Cezary Kucharski spoke about the transition of Robert Lewandowski to FC Barcelona. The former agent believes that he has his share in the fact that the captain of the Polish national team went to Camp Nou.

Kucharski was an agent of Lewandowski for many years. Their paths diverged in 2018. Now they are both in a legal dispute.

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Lewandowski’s transfer to FC Barcelona was carried out by Pini Zahavi. Kucharski argues, however, that the assumptions that were created during his cooperation with the 34-year-old were actually realized.

– I did not carry out this transfer, but I believe I have my share in the fact that he ended up at Camp Nou. I guided his career so that he ended up in Barcelona. Along the way he had successes in Lech PoznaƄ, Dortmund and Bayern Munich. Lewandowski implements the assumptions that we outlined when we met. There was a game in Spain and a career retirement in the United States – said Kucharski in an interview with “Interia”.

– It is difficult for me to talk about Lewandowski, because there is always a suspicion that I am biased and that I am driven by some emotions. I support him, because you cannot help but look at the exaltation of this transfer. I am curious how he will handle in Barcelona. The expectations are huge and it will not be easy to meet them the ex-agent added.

The indictment against Kucharski was brought to court, who had, inter alia, blackmail Lewandowski. The 50-year-old ironizes that he does not know if he will be able to go to the Barcelona match, because he is forbidden to approach his former client.

– I can imagine the accusation that I went to the Barcelona game. Earlier, I think I will send an application on which stand I can sit, on the upper or first row, 5 meters from Lewandowski Kucharski summed up.

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