Kubacki’s wife boasted a unique photo. This view is heartbreaking

Kubacki’s wife boasted a unique photo.  This view is heartbreaking

Kubacki’s wife boasted a unique photo. This view is heartbreaking

Marta and David Kubacki formalized their relationship relatively recently, in May 2019. The couple met during college, as they both attended Academy of Physical Education in Katowice. Martha was training then fencinghowever, after becoming involved with Dawid, she decided to give up her dreams of a sports career and focus on helping her husband’s career advance.

In December 2020, during the inauguration 69th Four Hills Tournament was born in Oberstdorf the first daughter of the Kubacki family, Zuzanna. As it turned out, the Christmas and New Year period was equally special for the family two years later. In January 2023, also during the German-Austrian tournament, the couple welcomed the world another daughter, Maya.

After returning to Poland, Dawid Kubacki spent time with his family. During the weekend World Cup in Zakopane jumper even managed to a special gesture. During his jumps at the facility. The fans could hear Stanisław Marusarz Zbigniew Wodecki’s “Maja the Bee”. The selection of the repertoire, as Kubacki later explained, was not accidental at all. The 32-year-old wanted it that way dedicate your jumps to your newborn daughter. This only proved how important family is to Kubacki.

“Maja the Bee” before Dawid’s jump. “It’s such a dedication.” VIDEO / /INTERIA.TV/ /INTERIA.TV

Marta Kubacka showed her daughters. A moving photo

Competitions ahead of ski jumpers World Cup in Sapporo. Because the change of time zones can cause considerable difficulties for the players during the competition, the “White-Reds” went to Japan on Tuesday morning. During her husband’s absence, she took care of her daughters Marta Kubacka. Recently, the chosen one of the Polish jumper is more and more willing to be active in social media. And this time the woman did not disappoint the fans, sharing a touching photo on Insta Stories.

Marta Kubacka showed her daughters/ /

David Kubacki he’s had a great year. First the ward Thomas Thurnbichler impressed during the summer season, then made a great start to the competition in the World Cup. This winter, the 32-year-old until stood on the top step of the podium five times.

The jumper from Nowy Targ did a great job recently in front of the Polish audience, which appeared in large numbers in Zakopane. On Saturday, Kubacki helped “Biało-Czerwony” to take a place on the podium. On Sunday, however,Only Halvor Egner Granerud turned out to be better than the Pole. This weekend Kubacki will fight for another triumphs in Sapporo. They will be played in Japan three individual competitions.

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Dawid Kubacki and Marta Kubacka/ /

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