Ksenia Sobczak on the mobilization announced by Putin: “The wise should surrender or we will all die in the nuclear war”

  • “War always destroys, never creates. Nobody will admit it. Although I have always believed that wisdom lies in the ability to yield,” noted a Russian journalist whose family is closely related to the Russian leader
  • Sobchak openly opposed the war in Ukraine and today she does not bite her tongue either. When it was announced the sending of approx. 300 thousand. people to the front, took a clear stance, suggesting it was time for Russia to end the war
  • The Russian woman does not leave a dry thread on her countrymen who supported the invasion of Ukraine, saying: “You have a great opportunity to stand up for your ideas, not by word but by deed. I guess no one will argue, right?”
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On September 21, Vladimir Putin delivered a message to the citizens and announced a partial mobilization. Russian citizens in reserve will be called up for military service – primarily those who have served in the armed forces and have combat experience. All of them will undergo additional training before being referred to the appropriate units. Russians called up for military service at the time of mobilization will have the status of contract soldiers.

The day before, the State Duma adopted amendments introducing such terms as “mobilization”, “martial law” and “time of war” to the criminal code. They also provide for up to three years imprisonment for refusing to carry out an order or fighting in armed conflict, up to 10 years for desertion and voluntary surrender, and up to 15 years for looting.

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According to the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoygu, during the mobilization “in order to control the territories liberated during the special operation”, 300,000 people will be appointed. reservists.

“The wise should surrender. So let’s hope someone does. Or not. And we will all die in a nuclear war “ – this is how she reacted to this announcement Ksenia Sobchak, daughter of a famous politician, mentor Putin and former mayor of St. Petersburg. She was also said to be the goddaughter of the Russian dictator. In mid-March 2022, she openly opposed the war in Ukraine.

“War always destroys, never creates. Nobody will admit it. Although I have always believed that wisdom is the ability to yield. Especially to save the world. But he doesn’t seem interested in peace, “she added.

When nothing can be changed, when the world descends into the abyss of barbarism, I am consoled by art. As the highest manifestation of completely different, divine energies in people. In human civilization, art appeared only when idleness and free time from throwing spears and hunting mammoths appeared. (…) Walking through the deserted halls of the State Museum of Fine Arts. Pushkin, after the magnificent halls of the Morozov Collection, I remember how the entire empire then collapsed, and the barbarians of that time at one point wanted to destroy images “contrary to the spirit of the Soviet people”. They were miraculously saved. In general, belief in a miracle is the main thing that remains for all of us

– we read in Ksenia’s Instagram post.

On September 23, the journalist made an ironic comment to “Well, all those who (…) go out to rallies and write posts on social networks – you have a great opportunity to stand up for your ideas, not by word, but by deed. I guess no one will argue, right? And with the same enthusiasm he will go to the military conscription office to serve his ideas not from the couch, but from the trench “- she said. She also took to the streets to talk to ordinary Russians. In the announcement of the recording, Sobczak emphasized that “people are terrified and confused”.


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