Krzysztof Stanowski: mom, read me a fairy tale about Igor

Krzysztof Stanowski: mom, read me a fairy tale about Igor

Except for the really few exceptions, that is, apart from those who have spilled the file exceptionally in one way or another, death is classy. Nobody writes that we are saying goodbye to a singer who was not listened to anyway, so what a difference it will not freak out anymore. We always say goodbye to someone great, unforged, in the case of total artistic derailments – misunderstood. It is a matter of culture and customs. On the other hand, sometimes the exaggeration that we fall into in the case of athletes irritates. Is it really good to deceive yourself and bad to smuggle the truth? And how far can we go in a nice lie?

Krzysztof Stanowski: mom, read me a fairy tale about Igor

Editor Radosław Nawrot, whom I respect very much, wrote on Twitter: “One of the roads facing Igor Sypniewski led to football genius.” Lofty words, the only thing missing is detail where this football genius begins, and where a solid game of football simply ends, because Sypniewski did not choose this path either. Radek’s entry is just an example that I came across, but I know that the entire internet was flooded with peans about the potential that this player had and where he could play if …


The problem is that Sypniewski’s entire career is one big “if”, so big as to be grotesque. If all this great “if” was put together into one powerful “sure”, then Ryan Giggs with his left leg would be merely a curiosity. “If” has it that you can inflate them endlessly, because it is unverifiable. In fact, you could put it “if” next to any baby and write down a bright future for him, involving both the Nobel Prize and the Golden Ball, or maybe – which has not happened yet, but who knows – both.

If my son went to training, he would break the transfer record of the Premier League, such is his talent.
– Why isn’t it?
– Because she prefers Playstation.

Why didn’t he make a career?
– Because he preferred water.

Funny, and it’s actually the same thing. Oh, another stage.

“If” can be gargantuan, and we put a particular size “if” in front of drunkards. I have not heard of a drunk that someone says with reserve: – Well, if not for alcohol, maybe he would have stayed in the league for five seasons, because he had the makings of a solid mediocre … Drunkards are always made for great things, which for some reason escape them. If he didn’t drink, the drunk would have beaten everyone, but because he was drinking, nobody would. I remember Igor Sypniewski, I met him, such a nice, lost guy. He even scored five goals in the league, which is less than Szymon Włodarczyk this season (which season is in the middle, and Szymon himself at the start of his career). He also scored some goals in Sweden, but not too many, and Greece, but not too many either. Ah, he also played twice for the Polish national team, that is as many times as Mateusz Zachara, but he didn’t score (also like Zachara). I do not mean to depreciate Igor, because and why, the facts speak for themselves, but to find the true scale somewhere. A scale that does not offend common sense.

Did Igor Sypniewski know how to play football? Somehow he knew how, but not extraordinarily. The history of football has been written by great drunkards, whether in the world – like George Best, or in Poland – like Ernest Pohl. But for some reason Sypniewski didn’t write it, didn’t even scribble one chapter. Now you can come up with some weird “if” and make a theory that he could write, but it really doesn’t make sense. Neither Best nor Pohl nor Gascoigne or Adriano, in gusts Dawid Janczyk. In the end, Sypniewski was a disappointing player who flashed a few times and after those flashes a lot was promised but nothing was delivered. There were hundreds of them, but the others didn’t drink, you just said: well, the meteorite flew by and disappeared, we had promised ourselves too much, it was not that good at all. But if someone drank it ohoho, only the alcohol slowed him down, he wouldn’t stop.

Ha, Dawid Jarka after scoring four goals from Polonia Bytom should have drunk, then he would have been a legend, not a meteorite.

There are many players who approach each training with full professionalism, but they lack – let’s call it – play in their legs. And there are those with loose legs, but also hay in their heads. Both the head and legs are recommended for a great career. And yet for some reason you cannot hear sighs: – Oh, it is a pity that he is so technically weak, because he has his head for a great sport … would play for Real.

I am deliberately exaggerating, because I have gotten over the glorification of drunkenness (oh, who says that!), Especially when it comes to such absurd dimensions as in the case of Sypniewski, whose good matches throughout his life can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Piotr Piotrowicz, whom I follow on Twitter and who accuses us of information about Swedish football, wrote today that if it were not for the rules (yes!), The attack of Ibrahimović – Sypniewski would be in the Swedish national team. Suppose it would happen in 2003, because it is the only relatively successful “Loose” year in Sweden, but there is a problem: such an attack could have happened if Henrik Larsson had never been born (44 goals in all competitions in the season). 2002/03 for Celtic) and probably eight other attackers. In that 2003, Sypniewski scored his record 10 goals for Halmstadt. His club took a lousy ninth place (out of fourteen), and he himself in the scorers’ classification not only looked at the back of Niklas Skoog (22 goals, a forward, 9 matches for the Swedish national team), but also the backs of “Trzy Korony” midfielders such as Kim Kallstrom or Kennedy Bakircioglu, and a few other completely anonymous players.

But when a person dies, legends are born. “Sweden will never forget Sypniewski” – that is what I read today. Sweden remembered today that it existed, and tomorrow it will have other topics. Sorry for being blunt. Many will find that I should apologize for this entire text.

Nevertheless, I think that it is worth being honest not only with the living, but also with the dead. They had lived in a delusional world long enough.

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