Krystian Ochman already has a new beloved? One of the journalists slapped himself. He also revealed her name

Krystian Ochman this year he successfully represented Poland at Eurovision. The musician performed with the song “River” and received quite high notes. The success in the competition naturally influenced the media’s interest in the musician’s private life. In April, Ochman admitted he had broken up with his fiancée. Now, a journalist commenting on the artist’s performance at the Chicago festival has revealed that Krystian’s heart is occupied again.

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“There is a lot of uncertainty on this record. At this age, we have to find our way.” Interview with Krystian Ochman

Krystian Ochman got engaged? This is what the journalist says. “Beautiful person”

The commentator of the Festival Polonaise also revealed the name of Krystian Ochman’s new partner. As it turns out, the artist’s relationship has already reached a higher, very binding level. We found out that the mysterious Karolina became the singer’s fiancée.

He has, look, fiancée Karolina, a beautiful person – the journalist revealed.

Krystian Ochman broke up with his previous girlfriend a few months ago

Krystian Ochman protects his private life, but pressed against the wall, he admitted that his previous relationship had not worked out. The 23-year-old proposed to his ex-partner, but time has verified their relationship.

I don’t have a girlfriend right now, but I think it’s great to have a second person that you can be open with and tell her everything. Trust is very important in this situation. (…) I think with the right person regardless of the situation, if you stick with it, it will be great and beautiful. It depends, but we didn’t work out – he admitted a few months ago in an interview with the Plejada portal.

Let’s hope his new relationship will last longer than the previous one.

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