Krychowiak commented on the appointments, but removed the entry very quickly

Krychowiak commented on the appointments, but removed the entry very quickly

As is usually the case with team appointments, everyone who is interested in the fate of our staff has their own opinion on the personal details. Probably if we gave the fans a chance to choose, there would be as many fans, probably as many different variants of vocations we would get. There are no big sensations in the team announced by Czesław Michniewicz, like those from 2006, but the discussion was very large anyway.

Polish representation. The humorous entry by Grzegorz Krychowiak was quickly removed

Grzegorz Krychowiak referred to her in a very sarcastic way on his Twitter account. – I think it is a scandal that this competitor does not go to the World Cup, and the one who does is also a scandal, because he should not go. I have a lot of experience and I do not understand some decisions and I would have selected a better group of # 40Millions of elections players. – he wrote just before the announcement of the final staff. The entry was deleted shortly thereafter.

Krychowiak himself then commented that he had chosen to joke, but ultimately decided not to trigger another unnecessary discussion.

Of course, Krychowiak himself is in the squad, and recently he is preparing for the World Cup in Poland, specifically training with the Legia Warszawa team. As the vocations showed, he had the opportunity to check the form of the new-old team, i.e. Artur Jędrzejczyk.

On November 14, the grouping of the Polish national team will begin, which will officially begin the most important stage of the “Qatar Mission”. On November 16, the Poles will play in Warsaw against Chile, and the day after this match, they will be on the plane to Qatar. The World Cup will be inaugurated on November 22 with a match against Mexico.

Jakub Kwiatkowski about the next plans of the Polish national team. VIDEO (Polsat Sport)/Polsat Sport/Polsat Sport

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