Koroniewska responds to haters. “I have the right to react”

A few days ago Joanna Koroniewska posted a photo on Instagram where she is sitting on the floor in a bikini with a bad face. The actress thus illustrated the last week of vacation and the necessity to return to Poland (and the gray reality). As you can guess, the photo aroused a lot of controversy. “Why such photos” – asked one of the Internet users and added that “naked mom” can cause problems for children among their peers. Joanna Koroniewska could not stand it.

To paraphrase a comment – this is not a hate but a question – is a woman in a bathing suit a naked woman?

The actress asks. “I’ve been going here for two whole months like this. I have to cover myself for the picture ?!” – he adds.

“Why are some women still outraged to watch HERE or anywhere else female BODIES?!?” – the actress wonders.

“I wonder if this limitation in some is due to prudishness or the desire to improve their mood. I show a picture of a Spanish woman from the beach – a beautiful woman, walking topless with her daughters. Is she ashamed? Are they ashamed of her ?! This is a rhetorical question? ” – writes Joanna Koroniewska.

We have the body we have, but it is and should be a sexual object for everyone. And with this sense of freedom I would like to raise MY Children. So my children, dear Lady, will not be ashamed because I will teach them to accept their bodies.

– the actress concludes.

“By the way, by writing this post, I show IM that I have the full right to react to your taunts, showing her that I have the right to think DIFFERENT. Empathy and assertiveness. Two IMPORTANT words. I recommend” – he adds at the end.

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