Korona deserved the third penalty in the match against Lech

Korona deserved the third penalty in the match against Lech

Sometimes it happens in Ekstraklasa so that VAR saves the judge. In the match between Lech Poznań and Korona Kielce, the wagon referees did their best to save judge Frankowski. But they couldn’t.

Korona deserved the third penalty in the match against Lech

Two penalties for Kielce players were dictated only after judge Frankowski was called to the monitor and after many repetitions he finally made good decisions. Both penalties with a defense were whistled according to the rules. In the first case, Karlström, with a hand clearly removed from the body and placed in an unnatural way, plays the ball held (as shown by the repeats) on the end line.

In the case of the second lime, it stank from the beginning of Sousa’s entry, although Frankowski initially whistled… a foul for Kolejorz (?!). However, it is quite clear in the repetitions that the Portuguese did not nudge the ball, it bounced off Szpakowski’s bones, and the Kolejorz midfielder knocked the Korona player down with his slide. Right lime.

And it would be perfect if Frankowski was consistent. But he wasn’t. The crown was entitled to the third lime – here, too, at first the arbiter did not indicate eleven, and after listening from the car, he upheld the decision.

Replays showed that Deja was first on the ball. He played the ball, he won the match. And Milic scratched his heel and caused the helper of the guests to fall. If there was a foul on Szpakowski, then here too. Therefore, we add another goal to Korona and verify the result at 3: 3.

Verification also takes place in the Cracovia-Jagiellonia match. In our opinion, Jaga should have a penalty kick there.

Oshima’s behavior is simply absurd. We know that there are various duels in the penalty area, there is a fight for the ball, everyone is more or less nudging someone. But here the Japanese almost takes his shirt off of Imaz. And after a while the ball goes literally where the Spaniard would be. He would have been, but he was knocked over. As for us – the foul is clear. Therefore, we verify this clash at 1: 1.

Lime stank in the clash between Widzew and Radomiak.

But the reruns show Shehu falling for air. We were looking for a contact between him and Pawłowski, but we do not notice it – Pawłowski puts a foot in front of and behind the rival’s right leg, and he tries to fall over it. Unfortunately for him – he did it so unskillfully that there is not even a suspicion of a foul.

Padolino nudged the penalty kick for Raków, but there, in the end, it can be seen in the replays that Rzezniczak redrawn Gutkovskis’s foot, so we support the referee’s decision from the field without any controversy.

And that’s it for this line. Interestingly – in the table it appears that Lech Poznań scored the most points on judges’ mistakes, about which last season we could say that he was losing the judges.


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