Knocked up with Snoop Dogg’s “Questions for Breakfast”. Tomasz Kammel explained

Until the accident on the set “Questions for breakfast“happened in 2016. It was then Marzena Rogalska she was wounded in the hand by an illusionist. The magician, known as Mr. Ząbek, was to perform one of his signature tricks with a nail in the lead role. Unfortunately, the trick failed. Years later, this event was remembered … Snoop Dogg. A video appeared on the rapper’s profile, which he signed as follows: “Stupid of the week”. The recording was used by one of the websites that publishes memes and other similar content on the Internet. “The magician blew the trick on live TV,” we read. Although many Internet users make fun of what they saw, a completely different voice appeared among the comments. He decided to clarify the matter Tomasz Kammel.

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Knocked up with Snoop Dogg’s “Questions for Breakfast”. Tomasz Kammel explains

Let us remind you that the trick was to make Marzen Rogalska crush one of the three paper bags, from which the nail previously inserted by Mr. Ząbek was supposed to disappear in a “magical” way. However, it turned out that he did not disappear, and the presenter hurt her hand.

– wrote Tomasz Kammel, who ran the memorable edition of “Questions for breakfast”.

“Lots of people said it didn’t really happen, and they laughed stupidly about it. The truth is, it did happen and the girl hurt herself badly. I know this for sure, because at that moment I was standing between them. Bad memories … “- added the presenter.

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