Klopp’s surprising words about “Left”. “The pocket was full of money”

Klopp’s surprising words about “Left”.  “The pocket was full of money”

Klopp’s surprising words about “Left”. “The pocket was full of money”

Darwin Nunez he became the hero of one of the biggest transfer hits in European football last summer. Although a lot of strong teams tried to tempt the player from Uruguay, he finally decided to move to Liverpool FC This adventure has had its ups and downs so far.

The striker already has nine goals and four assists, so you can’t say he’s not helping.”The Reds” in their struggle for the highest goals. On the other hand, the player often shows a “hot head” and wastes almost ideal situations.

Pele, the Brazilian king of the beautiful game, is dead. VIDEO/ /Radoslaw Tymon/ /© 2022 Associated Press

Nunez like Lewandowski? Klopp cited a specific anecdote

This issue was recently addressed by the coach of the team from Anfield, Jurgen Kloppwhose words are quoted by BBC Sports website. The German left no doubt that his faith in Nunez she is unwavering. In addition, however, he ate a surprising comparison of the 23-year-old to … Robert Lewandowski.

“To be honest, I see a lot of similarities here,” the coach assessed. “I think ‘Left‘ would tell the same story. We had shooting practice, during which he didn’t score even once,” said the 55-year-old, who had the opportunity to work with the Pole during his performances for Borussia Dortmund.

“We were betting €10 all the time – ‘if you score more than 10 times I’ll pay you 10; if not you’ll have to pay me.’ My pocket was full of money!” the manager joked to himself. “It’s all about keeping calm. If you see potential somewhere, stay calm.”

Liverpool FC is moving up the Premier League table

Liverpool FC they are currently the sixth team in the table Premier League. “The Reds” lose 15 points to the leaders from Arsenal, and a lot of this is due to the not very reliable entry into the 2022/2023 season. The Merseyside side’s main focus now is to seal their Champions League play in the next campaign – and they still have a good chance of doing so.

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