Klaudia Halejcio was cheated for big money

Klaudia Halejcio has been deceived. There is big money at stake. What did the actress say in an interview about this unpleasant event?

Klaudia Halejcio is one of the most active Polish artists in the network. He is the star of TikTok and has many Instagram followers. To his numerous fans, he reveals the backstage of professional projects, but also of family life. The actress is happily in love. Oskar stood in her way and turned out to be her other half.

It’s true, someone important to me has appeared in my life. His name is Oskar. Friends joke that I can finish my acting career because I have already won my Oscar. Although he was actually the one who conquered me. We met through a mutual friend. Oskar is a businessman and works with great success in the Internet industry. I will not reveal more, but you will probably find out more soon, because we also have joint business plans – said Klaudia several months ago.

Nowadays, those in love lead a happy life in a property worth 9 million, and raise a lovely little daughter, Nel. The house is no secret for fans of Klaudia, who likes to show other interiors of the house. However, before she took up residence in this luxury, an unpleasant situation faced her.

Klaudia Halejcio was cheated for big money

Before Klaudia Halejcio moved with her partner and little daughter to her current home, she lived in a beautiful apartment. Unfortunately, while arranging it, she was met with considerable hardship, as she was cheated on a large amount. She revealed the details Pomponik. The specialist who was supposed to make her kitchen never fulfilled his obligations.

When I was renovating my previous apartment, I also did the kitchen, I paid the full amount – then I learned that you never pay the whole thing – and this kitchen never reached me. You have to have a hard butt during renovation and pretend that you know what to do – she told Pomponik.

The actress added that she was cheated on 50,000 zlotys! She took the case to court, but unfortunately the latter could not help her. Despite winning the case, she did not get her money back.

The Lord made such stories that he is insolvent and has nothing written on himself, so I gave up already, said “hard”. This is a lesson for me to just maybe better keep an eye on certain things – she concluded.

Currently, the actress lives in a luxurious villa. It is true that she took it on credit, but in another conversation she mysteriously stated that it was necessary invest wisely.

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