Klaudia Halejcio takes advantage of the government’s help in paying off a loan

Klaudia Halejcio moved into a beautiful villa last year, for which she and her partner took out a large loan. Inflation and rising interest rates meant that he is taking advantage of the government’s help in paying off his debt to the bank.

Klaudia Halejcio she has been working as a mother since last year. The star recently celebrated her daughter’s first birthday, which is the fruit of her relationship with her beloved. At the very beginning of the report, she did not show Oscar in social media. It was only when they announced the happy news of the family’s enlargement that they published a series of photos together. Since then, photos of the three of them appear on Instagram from time to time.

The birth of a child was a real revolution for those in love. Little Nel became their apple of the eye, and shortly after she was born, happy parents decided to take another serious step. Klaudia and her partner lived in a beautiful villa, for which they took a large loan. According to the color press, the house was worth PLN 9 million.

Klaudia Halejcio benefits from government loan repayment

Klaudia did not wait long to return to work after the birth of her daughter. All because the loan for her house has increased a lot. The star, like many Poles, was strongly affected by the increase in inflation and the change in interest rates.

This is really hard because it is a bit of a cheat. Well, let’s be honest, whoever has a loan understands it. This is a scam, because when you conclude a contract, you know more or less what your situation is, what the installment will look like, how you can split your expenses in a given month. And suddenly this installment is twice as large? Well, it is really difficult – said Klaudia about mortgage loans.

Many compatriots have problems with paying off their debts to banks, and the increasing interest rates at an alarming rate have put them in a lot of trouble. The government decided to reach out to borrowers and provide them with a so-called “credit vacation”. It is a possibility to suspend installment payments, which can be used twice and relieve the home budget a bit. Klaudia Halejcio in an interview with Pomponik she said she chose this option herself.

But why not? I think they could still work. I think it is some kind of facilitation, but they could help something else – she concluded.

Klaudia herself has no idea what other support politicians could offer to people struggling with paying off the loan. However, he believes that some solutions will emerge.

I don’t think my statement will make me change anything. Those who are in the right place should know the solution and the needs of people who need it – she told Pomponika.

As you can see, the increase in the loan installment is a problem for almost everyone that weighs heavily on the home budget. Let’s hope that the situation on the mortgage market will change for the better.

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