“Kitchen revolutions”. Magda Gessler terrified of dirt. It was not so bad for a long time

“Kitchen revolutions” conducted by Magda Gessler by storm they conquered the hearts of viewers and gave hope to restaurateurs whose homes are empty. On the air of the station TVN we can currently watch the 25th season of the popular format. This time the most famous Polish restaurateur visited the Georgian restaurant “Sakartvelo” located in the village of Zakręt.

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“Kitchen revolutions”. Magda Gessler checked the top of the refrigerator and froze. “This is a scandal!”

All restaurateurs applying to the “Kitchen Revolutions” know that there is one thing that can irritate the temperamental leader immediately. This thing is dirt, of course, so just before the stars arrive, they at least try to get the kitchen and facilities in order. The owners of the “Skaratvelo” restaurant made sure that the rooms looked clean and well-kept, but when the restaurateur looked into more hidden nooks and crannies, she saw a terrifying dirt.

It’s very dirty. You can’t see it on the outside because you’ve cleaned the outside. This is a scandal! Roughly the entire surface of the refrigerator on top is like this – at this point, Gessler showed a black deposit that she had scraped off the device with a knife. “She’s standing in the kitchen steaming this shit outside,” the disgruntled restaurateur rumbled.

The star didn’t like the food served in the restaurant either. Gessler admitted that the dishes are served in a chaotic manner, and the food itself is very fatty and spicy.

You can watch the latest episodes of “Kitchen Revolutions” every Thursday by Fr. hour 9:35 pm on the air TVN.

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