“Kitchen revolutions”. Did Magda Gessler save a Georgian restaurant?

Restaurant “Sakartvelo” was founded by two friends out of love for Georgian cuisine. Giorgi and Vasyl started their cooking adventure by baking bread, and then expanded their menu with more and more new dishes.

Unfortunately, the heroes of “Kitchen Revolutions” have been behind rent for a long time. Worse, the customers did not write. The owners suspected that one of their main problems could also be the difficult access.

None of them, however, wanted to give up running a restaurant.

The staff of the restaurant placed all their hopes on Magda Gessler.

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“Kitchen Revolutions” in Zakręcie.

Visiting the “Sakartvelo” restaurant for the first time, Magda Gessler chose a few dishes from the menu. Among other things, she put on a plate of starters, a few Georgian breads, and mutton skewers.

The starters themselves did not make the best impression on the “Kitchen Revolution” star.

The situation could not be improved by other items on the menu, which lacked spices. The restaurateur left the restaurant disappointed.


"Kitchen revolutions".  Magda Gessler

Photo: screen from player.pl

“Kitchen revolutions”. Magda Gessler

“Kitchen revolutions”. Change for better

In order to implement the changes, Magda Gessler wanted to talk to the heroes of “Kitchen Revolutions” first. She noticed that the main problem faced by the restaurant was the mismatched dishes. The restaurateur believed that it was largely due to the uncertainty of the owners.

The staff of the premises agreed with the comments of the star and promised to improve. After the most important issues had been settled, everyone went to work.

Magda Gessler announced that from now on the restaurant will be called “Inn – to Georgia 2700 km”. The menu was supposed to be enriched with intense spices. The restaurateur believed that improved Georgian cuisine will defend itself.

Although the owners feared the changes, they began preparations for the “revolution”.

"Kitchen revolutions".  Magda Gessler's conversation with the owners

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“Kitchen revolutions”. Magda Gessler’s conversation with the owners

“Kitchen revolutions”. How was the final dinner?

The place changed by Magda Gessler aroused the admiration of the owners. From then on, the place was supposed to attract customers and encourage them to try Georgian cuisine.

The place after metamorphosis

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The place after metamorphosis

The final dinner turned out to be an equally positive surprise. The evening started with khachapuri bread accompanied by aromatic vegetable paste.

The guests also liked the intensely seasoned soup.

After a few weeks, Magda Gessler went to the restaurant once again to assess how cunning “Kitchen Revolutions” was. The star asked for starters again and also tasted khachapuri. To the owners’ satisfaction, she was delighted with the dishes.

“Kitchen Revolutions” in Zakręcie ended successfully.

"Kitchen revolutions".  Magda Gessler

Photo: screen from player.pl

“Kitchen revolutions”. Magda Gessler

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