Kinga Rusin declared her readiness to confront the police

Kinga Rusin is closely following the media. After what she saw now, she expressed her readiness to confront the police officers. What upset her?

Kinga Rusin she has worked in many media. We could watch her as a co-host for a long time Good morning TVN. She left the lunch box to focus on running a business, an influencer career and traveling the world.

The journalist never bites her tongue and expresses her views. She does not hide that she is a declared opponent of the PiS government and the right. Recently in strong words hit Polish Television and its flagship representatives.

“Cucumbers”, “Jakimowicze” and Kurski are for us, most Poles, symbols of disgrace, faces of hens ***, lying and stinging non-stop, pissing on people, stuffing us with boorish propaganda and heavily paid from our taxes, television being a tool people who attacked the Polish constitution, independent courts and tribunals, the freedom of Polish women and the education of our children – she wrote on the Internet.

This time she scrutinized the police officers.

Kinga Rusin versus the police. What made her angry?

The former TVN employee often comments on the actions of the State Forests. Of course, most of her entries are highly critical. Yesterday, she got acquainted with the material in social media, the authors of which suggest that people who criticize the company’s activity on the Internet have to face visits by police officers. Kinga wasn’t going to leave it unresponsive.

What? Well, I think that someone’s competences and democracies have made a mistake! Every Polish citizen has the right to criticize the activities of state-owned enterprises! Especially when such activity as in this case raises enormous doubts – she started.

She expressed a desire to confront the officers.

Knock on me! For years I have been saying loud (and I will not stop) that the State Forests do more harm to the Polish natural heritage than good! Evidence? Just go to the first forest from the shore (if any) and see! – she completed.

Finally, it hit the state-owned company for the second time.

When someone is done with this country in the country! When will someone end the lawlessness of this forest rush? Where is the money from all these clipping and hunts? Who are they going to? Maybe that’s the answer… ”she asked rhetorically.

Do you think the police will really knock on her door?

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