King Charles III. The dogs adopted by Queen Kamila, Beth and Bluebell, will live at Buckingham Palace

Although they have a difficult past behind them, Beth and Bluebell, representatives of the Jack Russell terrier breed, will now live in the most important palace in the United Kingdom. Both dogs were adopted from the shelter by the queen consort Kamila. In an interview with the BBC, she admitted that one of the bitches was “almost dead” when found in the forest.

Queen Elizabeth II was famous for her love of dogs, and The quadrupeds of her favorite breed, the Corgi, have been seen at the side of the monarch more than once incl. during travel and celebrations at Windsor Castle or at Buckingham Palace. As it turns out, dogs are also loved by the new king’s wife, the queen consort Kamil, who has two jack russell terriers.

Royal dogs from the shelter

The quadrupeds are called Beth and Bluebell and were adopted by the then Duchess Kamila from Battersea Dogs and Cats Home in London. Kamila adopted Beth first: “We thought it would be nice if she had a friend” – she recalled in an interview with BBC Radio 5 Live. This is why a few weeks later she decided to take in Bluebell. The female dog was found wandering in the woods. She had no hair and her body was covered with wounds.

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“She was almost dead” – added Kamila. However, the animal was saved. According to the wife of King Charles III, the female dog “is very sweet, but a bit neurotic”. Dogs love children and are allowed almost everywhere. However, they cannot sleep on the bed.

Bluebell and Beth were famous even before their owners became the main representatives of the British monarchy. In July, dogs dressed in Kamila’s jewelery appeared on the cover of “Country Life” magazine. King Charles is also considered a dog lover. In the past, he had a Tigger, a representative of the Jack Russell Terrier breed.

Dogs won’t move into Buckingham Palace right away

As Hello magazine notes, it will take some time for the royal couple and their pets to move into Buckingham Palace, “because the building is currently being renovated.” Until the renovation is complete, King Charles III and Queen Consort Kamil are to remain at the royal residence of Clarence House in London.

On the occasion of the International Dog Day celebrated in August, Clarence House recalled that the Battersea charity has adopted over 3 million animals during its 162 years of existence.

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Main photo source: TOLGA AKMEN / EPA / PAP

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