King Charles III moves to Buckingham Palace. Up to 100 jobs at risk

Some staff at Clarence House, the former seat of Charles III, have been warned that their jobs are under threat after the new monarch’s accession to the throne, reports The Guardian. According to the journal, up to 100 people may lose their jobs. In the group at risk there are, among others private secretaries or employees of the finance office.

After taking over the British throne Charles III and his wife Kamila can move from Clarence House – his previous official residence located at the back of St. James – to Buckingham Palace.

Private secretaries, finance office, communications team, home staff – these Clarence House employees, the Guardian reports, are among the roughly 100-strong group that were informed on Monday that their jobs were at risk. The message was given by Sir Clive Alderton, the king’s high aide, in a special letter. He wrote that due to “a change in the role of their principals”, Clarence House “will be closed”.

The King’s personal secretary added in a note attached to the letter that he was aware that this was “disturbing news”. At the same time, he assured that employees can count on support.

King Charles II and the queen consort KamilPAP / EPA / OLIVIER HOSLET

“People are shocked”

“Everyone’s absolutely furious, including private secretaries and the senior team. From Thursday all staff was working late into the night, and later heard something like this. People are clearly shocked by this, one Clarence House employee told the newspaper.

As “The Guardian” points out, the employees assumed that they would move with the royal couple to their new residence. They added that until they received a letter from Alderton, they had not been informed in any way about the upcoming layoffs.

Clarence House in LondonANDY RAIN / PAP / EPA

A spokesman for Clarence House in London also issued a statement on this matter. “After King Charles III’s ascension to the throne last week, the operation of the former residence of the former prince and duchess Wales has been suspended, consultations on this issue are ongoing. Our employees have performed a long and loyal service. While some layoffs are inevitable, we are working diligently to identify alternative roles for as many workers as possible, “the spokesman said in his press release.

The plans of the royal entourage were condemned by the British trade union Public and Commercial Services (PCS). In a statement quoted by the BBC, his secretary general wrote that while some changes are inevitable, “their scale and pace are extremely soulless.”

Will Charles III move to Buckingham Palace?

Charles III’s transfer to Buckingham Palace has yet to be officially confirmed. British media reports that the new monarch does not like this building. In addition, only part of the palace is usable at the moment, because many rooms are undergoing renovation. In this situation, it cannot be ruled out that the king will only receive official visits to Buckingham, and Clarence House will remain his London residence – media speculate.

The Guardian recalls, however, that when the court was asked in 2017 where Charles intended to reside after taking the throne, it was assured that the monarch would move to Buckingham Palace in accordance with tradition.

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Main photo source: PAP / EPA / OLIVIER HOSLET

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